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Join local organisations in adopting the Age Friendly Banbury Pledge

We are encouraging Banbury businesses, groups and organisations to become more age-friendly and adopt our Pledge, to unite the town in being mindful of its older residents and how they access services locally. By adopting the Pledge you will have access to resources and training that will help train your employees, volunteers and management. Showing your commitment will encourage Banbury residents to access your shop, business or service – and this can only be a positive outcome.

Find the full pledge and our guide to how your organisation can help make Banbury a great place to grow old in our downloads below and get in touch if you want to join!

Making Banbury a great place to grow old

Your easy steps to joining the Age Friendly Banbury Pledge

  • Nominate your age-friendly champion/contact.

  • Contact Bee Myson, Age Friendly Banbury Coordinator on 07500 285 909 or to find out more about the scheme.

  • Subscribe on this site to our free monthly Age Friendly Banbury email update

  • Using the Pledge checklist look at your business/organisation through an age- friendly lens and make any reasonable improvements that you can. This is not necessarily asking you to make expensive or intrusive alterations to your property or premises - it is about fostering an attitude of hospitality and welcome. Consider challenges people may experience with mobility, sensory or cognitive difficulties, or lack of confidence or stamina. These may be addressed in a variety of ways, e.g by providing a seat, but the most important thing is to be aware and responsive.

  • Seek help or support via Bee from our partners with training, information, or anything you need to make your organisation more age- friendly.

  • Display your AFB flower decal in the window to show everyone you are an age-friendly organisation.

  • Ask your visitors how you are doing, and how you can improve. Celebrate your achievements.

  • Spread the word to other organisations. Link to us on Facebook or Twitter

  • Enjoy the more positive environment you are helping to create.

Age Friendly

Pledge Poster

Age Friendly

Pledge Checklist

We have joined the Age Friendly Banbury pledge!

Latest Age Friendly Banbury Pledge Partners

AFB partner Banbury BID has provided bells for businesses which have signed up to the age-friendly Pledge to help customers access premises
This is Bee sharing this simple age-friendly practice  at the
Ageing-Better annual conference of age-friendly cities and communities in November 2023. Contact Bee to sign up to the Age Friendly Banbury Pledge and help make your business or organisation part of the age friendly movement.

Age friendly doorbells scheme sponsored by Banbury BID
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