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We are taking Action on Ageism

March 20th 2024 is Action on Ageism Day

Public attitudes

  • More than 40% of people have never really thought about ageism before

  • 1 in 10 people believe that ageism doesn’t exist

  • Over half the public believes UK society is ageist

  • Half of people of people worry about getting older - and one in five worry about it often

  • Over half of people think older people are less visible in society

  • Fewer than a third of the general public think that the treatment of older people is good

  • 1 in 3 people think older age is characterised by frailty, vulnerability and dependency

  • Just 2.5% of older people (aged 65 and over) live in care homes, yet the public thinks it’s 25%

  • Children as young as three begin to develop stereotypes about older people

Although ageism is the most widespread form of discrimination in the UK, more than 40% of people have never thought about it before. We're backing a new campaign from the Centre for Ageing Better which sets out to highlight the issue of ageism. With new data revealing half of adults aged over 50 in England have experienced age discrimination in the last year, the campaign, Age Without Limits, aims to change the way we all think about ageing, tackle prejudices and empower people to age with confidence. We are asking ourselves and Age Friendly Banbury partners 'are you ageist?' by taking this quiz.

Age Friendly Banbury Partnership meeting

30 Age Friendly Banbury partners meeting together in the RVS Cornhill Centre.


30 AFB partners came together at RVS Cornhill Centre in Banbury and shared initiatives to combat loneliness and isolation during National Loneliness Awareness Week 2023 in June. There's plenty happening in and around Banbury and a good place to look is the new AFB noticeboard in Castle Quay Community Space, or at the Cornhill Centre or check online in Livewell Directory.

OCC Motion on Age Friendly Banbury

We are delighted to report that in December 2022 the following encouraging motion was passed unanimously by Oxfordshire County Council:

Motion by Councillor Damian Haywood (County Council Meeting, 13th Dec 2022 – passed unanimously 49 votes to 0) 

"Banbury is working currently towards joining the Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities led by a partnership group coordinated by Age UK Oxfordshire. This council looks to support this initiative through the following actions:

Promote positive images of ageing in all of our communications to tackle the narrative around ageing. We call on people, services and partners to recognise the need to change both the language and images used when talking about (and with) older people.

Support ongoing activity to raise awareness of the benefits of older workers, encouraging employers to change their approaches to recruiting, reskilling and retaining older employees. Council further supports the need for innovative and radically new ideas and options to support people aged 50-64 who are out of work, to enable them to age well, live well and improve their overall quality of life.

Champion more age-friendly activity and infrastructure in our neighbourhoods, so more older residents can age well in their local communities, with access to the right services, housing, information, infrastructure and opportunities - social, cultural or economic. The voice of older people must be heard to ensure that they continue to contribute to and take a leading role where they live.

We ask that these actions are referred to Cabinet for implementation."

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